Mobile Attendance & Time Tracking With GPS Enabled

For employees on the go or field workers, AirfaceTM mobile apps will help employees punch clock in and clock out straight from any mobile device. Bringing their own devices to work, employees can download the free iOS or Android apps and immediately start tracking time and attendance. Also, an employee can log in from any desktop using the mobile friendly web application. We understand most people out in the field may not have a great internet connection, hence AirfaceTM is built to work offline, unlike the many time tracking options out there.

With AirfaceTM, you can track time and location using GPS of employees without any special hardware and rest assured that employees are where they say they are at.


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Industry's Mobile Attendance App with Face Recognition and GPS Tracking

  • SPEED & ACCURACY: Works in outstanding tolerance of poor quality & conditions with the fastest matching capability that is most resistant to variant in angle & age.
  • BALANCING SECURITY & PRIVACY: Solutions & Services contribute to the creation of safe, secure, equal and efficient communities around the world ensuring security & privacy.
  • GPS ENABLED: Track the location of the employee enrolled based on their facial recognition.
  • SCALABLE BIOMETRICS: Face identification and authentication of multiple users without any physical interaction. The powerful face recognition is able to maintain the largest & most difficult security challenges with unparalleled efficiency, sensitivity & perception.

Pricing Offers and All Features Included

  • Multi-Face Recognition
  • Accurate GPS Tracking
  • GPS lock (Clock-in allowed at specified location)
  • Available in iOS & Android
  • Real time Monitoring
  • Track past location history
  • Auto Capture mode
  • Supports upto 100 employees
  • Multi Locations
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Mobile Security Power

AirfaceTM offers the only face recognition platform that proactively detects and deters threats as they enter the premises, instantly delivering actionable intelligence to security personnel.

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