Automate Security with Biometric Surveillance

AirfaceTM offers the only face recognition platform that proactively detects and deters threats as they enter the premises, instantly delivering actionable intelligence to security personnel.

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How does it works?

Being watched and/or monitored was a legitimate fear for many people in recent times. This is why face recognition is now accepted and welcomed in many industries.

Introducing face recognition would cut down these inefficiencies since most modern facial recognition systems can perform the task in under two seconds. It is just a matter of collecting images of attendees at the time of issuing event passes.

It is a single desktop based face recognition attendance system requiring minimal hardware setup.

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Pricing Offers and All Features Included

  • Multi-Face Recognition
  • Available for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Real time Monitoring
  • Track past location history
  • Auto Capture mode
  • Support upto 100 employees
  • Easy Enrolment for employees
  • Cloud based reporting
  • Works Offline (after sync) / Online
  • *Optional Visitor Registration
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