Work from Home Monitoring Solution Involving Face Authentication

Automated reporting system for the teams to manage 100% transparency at work and calculate actual billable hours of the team.

It provides actual hours spent by the users on each activity

  • Real time automatic time tracking
  • Evaluate productivity
  • Keep your projects on track
  • Performance Analysis
  • Stay Organized
airface time tracker

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  • The timer will be operating with the recognized faces by comparing with the database containing faces.
  • This allows user to clock in/out using their phones or laptops and to record start/end of the task.
  • Get 100% transparency at the workplace to calculate actual productivity of the individual by analyzing the time spent.
  • Pause the AirfaceTM Time Tracker whenever you want to take a break and resume when you are done.
  • To have a real-time view of AirfaceTM Time Tracker, it takes screenshots in every 5, 10 mins or so on.

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User Access

AirfaceTM Time Tracker software identity authentication, access policies, user account privileges, role based user provisioning processes, automated workflow and rule based group management.
User Module

Project & Cost Management

Monitor daily activity and track the time spent on individual project and calulate actual billable hours of the team. Maximum productivity and keep individual project on track and calculate actual billable hours of the individual.
Weekly performance

Employee & Schedule Management

Track productivity, identify trends, analyse their causes and how they co-relate with performance. Schedule and monitor daily activities, leaves, overtime with ease and get a clear overview of individual's workflow.
Weekly performance

All Features Included

  • Face authentication
  • Project wise effort tracking
  • Desktop screenshots
  • Idle Time calculator
  • Team/Project wise Activity Logs
  • Online/Offline Logging
  • Cloud based secure reporting
  • Support Windows / Linux servers
  • Export and download reports (PDF, CSV, Excel)
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